hama-inotec GmbH has already successfully brought many megawatts of services to the grid and thereby contributed a significant input to an environmentally friendly energy supply.


The performance range of the hama-inotec GmbH as a general contractor covers the entire process chain from a single source.


We focus on open-space photovoltaic systems from a size of 500 KWp installed plant power.


From the selection of the property to the detailed project development, the procurement of the required components, the construction, commissioning and the commercial and technical management and maintenance of solar power plants, we have national and international a strong and competent team.


In addition, we work with an extensive international network of EPC´s, installation companies, project managers, construction managers and assembly forces, which provides a perfect interplay of know-how, experience, reliability, quality and economy.



  • Selection of properties according to optimal irradiation values and soil conditions
  • Prediction of energy generation capacity
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Financing
  • Rent/Purchase of land
  • Construction permits for the power plant
  • Energy levy agreement (PPA)
  • Planning and arrangement of the components
  • Cost optimisation
  • Logistics: procurement, delivery, assembly
  • Planning: conceptual planning, development planning and assembly planning of the technological processes



Proper selection of properties, the economic evaluation and development of a power plant, as well as the construction of a powerful team are decisive for the long-term economic success of a photovoltaic plant.


Through our long project experience, we always have control over every process step and with our experienced partners, we ensure an efficient, smooth and long-term operation of photovoltaic projects.


Supervisor: We optimise the investment costs, work with first-class manufacturers, guarantee the timely completion of the projects by coordinating and controlling the process chain.